About Us

Dust Y Love is inspired by the wonderful nature surrounding us, with it’s fascinating colors, shapes and materials.

The different designs are not focusing on the mainstream but towards those who dare to stand out from the masses and who dare to be an individual. Dust Y Love celebrates those who love to indulge in their creative side in using accessories and jewelry as a statement which gives the individual that edge and uniqueness that others can aspire to.

Dust Y Love’s Jewelry & Accessories can best be described as a raw mixture of elegance, rock’n roll and with a hint of glamour.

Dust Y Love is innovative and loves to experiment with materials, forms and shapes and in making it unique. Each piece has it’s “one of a kind” touch and tells a story a tale so that it is not just “another” piece of jewelry to your collection but a gem for life. Dust Y Love has personality and is made from love,laughter, passion and a lot of thought has gone into each piece.It is very important for Dust Y Love to maintain the organic expression that gives the jewelry life, therefor the diamonds and precious stones that are being used have a natural look to them allowing the stones to maintain their originality and never look retouched or manufactured.

Dust Y Love doesn't try to impress with it’s carats or bling bling and this is done on purpose to maintain that RAW look to each piece, creating a rough, natural and sexy look to them instead of the usual overly polished machine made look, these items are all handmade and hence Dust Y Love was born.

The founder of Dust Y Love Gitte Gravgaard is also working as a freelance designer and creative coach for other designers.