Delivery Information

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of goods occurred when the goods are delivered from Seller's warehouse. The risk of goods passes to Buyer upon delivery. The goods will be sent when money is received in our account. Apply Please order number and name when paying.

We send all orders as insured packages with Post Denmark or Fedex.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, stated delivery times are determined by best estimates. If Seller can not fulfill at the stated time, Buyer will receive written notification by as much forewarning as possible about when delivery can be expected to take place.

Can delivery date not be observed, Seller will try to reduce the delay to the fullest extent possible. Seller accepts no responsibility for any minor delays.

If an agreed delivery date is exceeded by more than 20 working days, and the delay is solely attributable to Seller or to matters for which Seller is responsible, this shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement. Seller disclaims all liability however arising from the delay, and Buyer's sole sanction by substantial delay is cancellation of the purchase.